Wash and Wax

At Colorado Auto Spa we know detailing and vehicle protection. Our premium exterior detail “wash and wax” is designed to keep your vehicle looking and feeling new from day one. We use a rinse less wash that safely cleans your vehicle while also being very eco friendly allowing us to wash vehicles in our clients garage leaving no mess behind. We use a synthetic sealant instead of wax. Sealant lasts longer by bonding stronger to your vehicle surfaces it also allows high amounts of gloss from your paint.

Premium Exterior Detail

Keep your vehicle clean and protected, the basic exterior detail is designed to keep your vehicle protected year round.

  • Premium exterior wash
  • Clay bar treatment (removes light contaminants on the vehicle surface
  • Sealant applied to the paint and glass2015_lexus_nx_200t
  • Clean exterior glass and mirrors
  • Clean wheels/wheel wells and tires
  • Dress tires and trim to a matte finish

Starting $125


Exterior Rejuvenation

The exterior rejuvenation is perfect for those looking to enhance the gloss of their vehicle removing lkight scratches and swirls leaving the paint clean and crisp.

  • Rinse-less wash
  • Clay bar treatment
  • All in one polish and wax applied
  • Clean exterior glass and mirrors
  • Sealant applied to all exterior glass
  • Clean wheels/wheel wells and tires
  • Dress tires and wheel wells to a matte finish
  • Exterior trim conditioned

Starting at $250Wash and Wax (1)

Headlight Restoration

If your headlights are yellow or clouded looking they need to be restored. Our headlight restoration process can bring back cloudy headlights to a like new condition. Don’t trust this type of work to an amateur or as seen on TV products, they area temporary fix and could cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars to replace. Just like paint after we are done fixing the damage, we seal the lights with Opti-Lens, a product designed to protect plastic lights for years.


  • Increase night time visibility
  • Increase resale value and ease of sale

Starting at $125 a pair including a 1 year warranty.


Other Services

  • Paint Correction
  • Concourse Level Detail
  • Badge and dealer emblem removal
  • Paint chip repair
  • Light scuff and scratch removal
  • Engine Detail
  • Tree sap, road paint, and tar removal
  • Trim restoration

If you don’t see a service you’er looking for please call or email.