Fleet and Special Events

On Site Fleet Detailing and Washes

Fleet Cleaning:

Fleet detailing and washing is a unique segment of auto detailing industry in which we have years of experience. Many of our fleet clients require on site service at multiple locations in Denver Boulder and the surrounding area. We service we service cars, subs, trucks, service vans and small trailers. All of our services are available at your location.

Fleet Washes include:
Exterior wash
Clean wheels and tires
Clean exterior glass

Quick Interior Includes:
Thorough vacuuming
Clean out cup holders door handles
Wipe down interior plastics, vinyl and leathers
Clean interior glass

Other Fleet Services:
Carpet and Upholstery cleaning
Headlight, taillight, emergency light restoration
Paint oxidation removal
Ceramic Coatings

If you are a fleet manager please contact us at 720 333 3578 for more information.