Going Green with Rinse-less Washing

Going green is a better way to wash, while other detailers use 30 to 40 gallons of water to wash a car I only use 5 gallons of water. With Optimum Polymer Technologies Optimum No-Rinse (ONR).



ONR lubricates through all phases of washing. Washing with soap only provides lubrication when the suds are on the paint. When sopa suds are rinsed off before drying there is no protection left on the paint. Water is by definition a solvent, so with a soap wash you are trying to dry with a solvent that has high surface tension, ONR has a very low surface tension and provides exceptional lubrication for all phases of the washing and drying process.

Waste Management

With traditional soaps (And other brads of rinse-less washes) a 2-bucket method is needed to pre-rinse the wash sponge to limit scratches on the paint. ONR is very powerful and drops all dirt out of suspension, the dirt drops to the bottom of the wash bucket. With ONR a single bucket is needed to safely wash your vehicle.


When using ONR it allows the paint to be seen during the entire wash process. This allows a more precise wash because with traditional soap the suds cover up the paint surface causing spots to be missed. During the drying process these missed spots could cause scratches from dirt left behind.

Paint Correction

Paint corrections is the term that professional detailers use to describe polishing paint from faded, hazy, scratched and swirled back to highly polished paint. This process removes most surface defects including scratches, swirls, and faded paint. Every vehicle has a different type of paint and this process can be very delicate. With several thousand vehicles safely corrected in our history we have more knowledge and experience then any shop in the Denver Metro area. We only use the highest quality compound polishes and buffing pads available to ensure the best finish on our clients vehicles.

These are the most common defects found in automotive paint:

Swirl & Buffer Marks

Swirl and Buffer Marks caused by improper washing and drying and inexperienced detailers with a direct drive buffer.

Deep Marring

Deep Marring is generally caused by rubbing up against the paint or putting objects on the paint.

Acid and Water

Acid and water etching cased  by water sitting on the paint and baking in over time in the sub.

Deep Scratching

Deep Scratching can be caused by keying, shopping karts, tree branches etc.


We have seen and fixed all of the above damage on many different types of paint and vehicles from daily drivers to super cars.