Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic Coatings have been around for 10 plus years and Colorado Auto Spa is the Denver Metro areas most experienced Ceramic Coating installer.  What makes us the most experienced? Simple we have been installing Ceramic Coatings longer then any other detailer in Denver.  Since 2011 we have installed hundreds of Ceramic, Glass and Nano Coatings.
The key to a long lasting Coatings is the prep work.  With all of our Ceramic Coatings we start by thoroughly washing the vehicle, wheels, and wheels wells then we clay bar the paint and glass to remove bonded contaminants finally we use an iron decontamination to remove in-beaded iron contaminates in the paint.
Colorado Auto Spa is currently offering Ceramic Coatings from Optimum Polymer Technologies Opti-Coat Pro and Gtechniq Crystal Serum.

What are the benefits of Ceramic Coatings?

Enhanced gloss
Hydrophobic properties
Self cleaning properties
Easier to maintain
Protection from bug splatter
Protection from bird droppings
Protection from chemicals like Mag Chloride
Manufacture backed warranties up to 7 years
Whats included:

Exterior hand wash
Clean wheels, wheel wells and tires
Tires dressed
Clay Bar (bonded contaminate removal)
Iron Removal (Iron and ferris metal removal)
Light paint polishing

Ceramic coatings are the best technology available today to protect your vehicles paint.